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LED smart backpack brand

Biosled focuses on wireless control system, creative LED products. We have the whole system of research, production and sales, registered as Shenzhen high-tech enterprise and China government high-tech enterprise. And Biosled provides with innovative design of LED walking advertising products in different scene.

The series of LED products are widely used in brand publicity, super market promotion, enterprise publicity, retail promotion, important activities, concert, and other important application advertising.


Products are the core of Biosled. We stick to principles of refining and innovation and ensure the creation of value for customers.

Quality Control

As an ISO9001:2015 certified enterprise,we take quality as the lifeline of Biosled,Stringent quality standards are set for all products,and above-industry tests are done for key quality control processes.

Factory Tour

Your online/offline factory visit and inspection is always expected by Biosled.


LOY LED Backpack

Demonstrate your emotions,national identity, exhibit sporting interests, cheer for your favorite teams ! Be progressively sociable with the other passerby, which brings you fun and joy.

LED Car Display

By APP and AI voice control, the screen is able to display lively text/ 
picture / GIF. HI GROOM will increase interation between drivers, reduce the rate of  road rage.

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LED Food Delivery Bag

With 3mm LED screen, you can use it everywhere, food delivery bag / backpack /  
clothes / shop and anywhere you need. Support customized size.

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When Your Life Need Something New or Different,

Every year, Biosled will organize 3-5 times team building activities.

Every year, Biosled will organize 3-5 times team building activities.


Racing, climbing, swimming or cooking together, we work like a family. The activities help us know each other more, enriched workers' amateur life, and improve team work ability.

Biosled develop new backpack - big eyes backpack !

Biosled develop new backpack - big eyes backpack !


The big eyes backpack is for children, it displays different dynamic eyes, animal pictures and texts. The lively display will stimulate children's imagination and desire to learn.

Biosled always concerns about students in the poor villge.

Biosled always concerns about students in the poor villge.


Since September 2020, we have donated over 1000pcs school bags to different primary schools, it is not enough to fix all the difficulties, but we will persist in helping poor students.

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If you are interested in our products and services,Please contact us freely,we will answer you in time.

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